New Buffalo community cleaning up mess caused by rising waters

NEW BUFFALO, Mich – The New Buffalo community is cleaning up after flooding on Thursday that saw roads closed and businesses affected. 

“It was unbelievable I’ve experienced hurricanes and rough weather before but it felt like a tsunami coming through,” frequent visitor of New Buffalo Mike Wittl said. 

The flooding was caused in large part by 10-foot waves and the Galien River being backed-up which then caused flooding. 

“With the tides as high as they were and the waves crashing in it was actually beautiful but scary at the same time,” Wittl said. 

Water receded in many areas of the city of New Buffalo but there are still isolated areas of flooding. 

“The mess that was created from this storm was incredible from what I saw but today with all of the heavy equipment out cleaning it up the city of New Buffalo is doing a great job,” Wittl said. 

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