Monday's storm brings destruction in Dowagiac

NOW: Monday’s storm brings destruction in Dowagiac

DOWAGIAC, Mich. -- Monday's storm leaves Dowagiac streets covered in debris, power lines broken, and trees ripped from the ground.

Neighbors near Parsonage Street and West Telegraph Street say anyone with ADP power nearby suffered an outage.

On Telegraph Street and Hamilton Street, a porch is destroyed from a fallen tree. A neighbor says he was walking in front of the house when he realized his life was in danger.

“I got to the sidewalk right here, from the road to the sidewalk, and I heard the tree crack. And I looked up and I was like ‘nope, got to go, got to go.’” Said Mathew Gourley, the Dowagiac resident that almost got hit with the tree.

Utility crews are working to shut off gas, water and electricity before going in for repairs to the downed lines.

Thousands are still without power, luckily no reports have been made on storm related deaths.

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