Marshall County 4-H fair provides cooling station for animals

NOW: Marshall County 4-H fair provides cooling station for animals

Fair season is still in full swing this summer. Marshall County just kicked off its 4-H fair today in Argos amid ongoing air quality concerns.

“We have a new building we built a couple of years ago, which is the Gallery on West, our event center, but that is air conditioned," said Angel Balsley the Fair Board President for Marshall County Fair. "That’s kind of a cooling station, but also gets you out of the elements. All of our buildings, all of our livestock buildings are open-sided. We put fans in all of them and then just kind of keep the airflow moving so it’s not so stannic. And then in our arena, we have a large fan for the animals then we have the smaller fans that kind of help blow on the bleachers, so just kind of help getting the air moving."

With the haze scheduled to clear out by tomorrow, Balsley is encouraging the community to be cautious- without skipping out on all the fun.

She says the exhibits on display are the main attraction.

“The number one reason is our 4-Hers. We have a great group of kids, and they work really hard all year round to be able to do this. It’s nice to have their hard work recognized.”

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