Indiana Democratic Party endorses Jennifer McCormick for governor

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The State Central Committee (SCC) of the Indiana Democratic Party (IDP) announced they unanimously endorsed Jennifer McCormick to be Indiana’s next governor in the 2024 election during its February meeting.

McCormick will be the only Democratic candidate on the ballot for governor going into the May primary.

McCormick served as Indiana’s last statewide elected Superintendent of Public Instruction between 2017 and 2021.

Following the SCC meeting, the IDP released the following statement from Chair Mike Schmuhl:

“Throughout her life, Jennifer McCormick has been an advocate for Hoosier families and children. That’s why she’s never been afraid to stand up for what’s right – regardless of party. As a statewide elected official as superintendent, she took on the GOP supermajority to fight against cuts to public schools and worked to increase teacher pay. She’s seen special interests threaten the future of education in Indiana, and as governor, she’ll be a tireless advocate to improve schools for every family and remove politics from the classroom.

As a mother, she trusts Hoosier women and families to make incredibly important reproductive health decisions with their doctors, families, and faith leaders – not the government. As governor, she’ll veto any attempts to ban IVF treatments in Indiana, and work to restore the right to choose for women.

We’re behind Jennifer because 20 consecutive years of Republican governors is enough. One-party control and a legislative supermajority create unbalanced policies, and it’s simply dangerous for our state’s future. We need more balanced leadership at the Statehouse that uplifts working families and takes the best ideas from both parties. That’s the leader Jennifer McCormick will be as our next governor.”

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