Freezing temperatures cause accidents on the toll road

NOW: Freezing temperatures cause accidents on the toll road

GRANGER, Ind. -- Freezing temperatures have lead to some accidents on the toll road today-- one of which had a semi-truck hanging off of a bridge over Currant Road.

“Basically between the 83 and 84 mile marker, we’ve had several crashes and slide offs," said Sgt. Ted Bohner, with the Indiana State Police.

Around 8:07am, a silver minivan heading eastbound lost control on the toll road, moving from the right lane into the left, where it crashed into a Fed Ex semi-truck. The semi also lost control, hitting a different silver car before it hit the bridge's concrete barrier just above Currant Road, and its trailer managed to go over the barrier, dangling onto some nearby railroad tracks.

The driver of the silver car was the only injury reported; they were taken to a nearby hospital, but they have since been discharged.

The accident caused traffic backups and slowdowns in the eastbound lane, as crews worked to remove the semi.

A van also slid off the toll road near the Notre Dame exit, and according to Sgt. Bohner, both of these accidents were caused by the cold temps and the light snow from the previous evening:

“The frigid temperatures and that little dusting of snow that we got that just put a slick, icy glaze over the road," he said. "Especially the bridges.”

Sgt. Bohner advised that drivers use caution if they are heading out on the toll roads. 

“We just ask that people have patience," he said E'xpect a delay as you’re heading eastbound on the toll road and just drive safe today.”

He added that because of the cold temperatures and the wind chill-- in case drivers get into an accident or stuck-- to keep extra sets of warm clothes and blankets in their car. 

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