Fourth marijuana dispensary opens in Buchanan

NOW: Fourth marijuana dispensary opens in Buchanan

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Buchanan welcomed its fifth marijuana establishment Wednesday – Pinnacle Emporium joining fellow Front Street dispensaries Zen Leaf, High Profile, and Cannavista, along with cultivation facility Redbud Roots on Post Road.

“If you want to stand out, you’ve got to differentiate yourself,” said Michael Silver, owner of Pinnacle Emporium. “We feel that we do with our mini-museum, nostalgic, walk down memory lane.”

Murals, art and even the front of a ‘63 Chevy truck fill Pinnacle Emporium with an atmosphere that is different from Buchanan’s other dispensaries.

With four of them now open just on one stretch of Front Street, you’d think that would intimidate potential business owners, but not here.

“Ultimately having four or five different retail facilities only helps because we’re all collectively bringing people into the area,” said Silver.

City officials have welcomed marijuana facilities from the start, but they have started hearing pushback from residents.

“A lot of people don’t want Buchanan to be known for the cannabis industry that’s here, but on the other hand, Buchanan was dormant for a long time and what the cannabis industry has brought is employment opportunities – we have well over 100 jobs in the last two years – well over $20 million in investment from the different companies fixing up these old buildings, we’re increasing our tax base,” said Mayor Sean Denison.

But Mayor Denision does assure residents that this is it for dispensaries in Buchanan.

“We recently had another company exploring buying the vacant piece of property up on top of the hill and they were going to need a permit and the city commission actually said ‘No, right now we’re at our limit and really don’t want to take in anymore marijuana dispensaries,’” said Denison.

Pinnacle Emporium will hold a grand opening Friday with special deals for new customers.

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