Clay football player taken to hospital after big hit during game

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – A Clay High School football player was rushed to Memorial Hospital after taking a hit during a game against Riley High School Friday night.

According to witnesses, the player was pushed hard and fell, injuring the area around his neck.

“They ran their play and he got pushed out and landed on his neck wrong. We were just chilling there and everyone was taking a knee and everything like that. Then we heard the ambulance come and the firefighters and things like that and they hauled him off,” said King Dancler, RHS junior.

“On the Clay side, there was lineman. He was running over so mad, and he was crying and somebody took their shoulder poads off and started running. Then I saw all the Clay players just kneel down and huddle over him,” said a RHS freshman.

The injured player is in stable condition, however, his name has not been released.

The game was called off due to the incident.

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