City of South Bend establishes new Coordinator on Homelessness

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The City of South Bend appointed a new Coordinator on Homelessness, who will help guide the city on how to address the topic.

Carl Hetler has served at a number of churches for the past 13 years and was most recently the pastor at Broadway Christian Parish. It was there that Hetler learned about the services and people who help provide safe and stable housing for the community.

Hetler is co-chair of the Regional Planning Council, which addresses problems in the homelessness community, and participates in the Trauma Informed Care Cohort by the University of Notre Dame and Beacon Community Impact.

As part of his role, Hetler will work to support collaborations between agencies, educational institutions, businesses and community groups.

He will also be the point of contact between South Bend and St. Joseph County government entities and the population that experiences homelessness.

Hetler's first day is July 1.

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