CDFI Friendly South Bend is hosting a workshop for small business owners

CDFI Friendly South Bend is hosting a workshop for small business owners learning how to launch their business. After many webinar sessions, this is the first time this workshop will be held in person.

South Bend Access to Capital Lunch and Learn is a workshop all about accessing capital and getting loans to start your business.

So far, 24 businesses are registered for the program, but CDFI Friendly Executive Director Sam Centellas says he hopes to see more. He says if businesses can’t come, they should still reach out and try to get signed up for the next program.

Centellas says the businesses coming today are a unique blend ranging from food, clothing and real estate.

“One of the benefits that we’re trying to bring to the community is ecosystem support. For all the small businesses that would be able to network with each other, to learn from each other, to know that they’re being supported in a way that helps them grow and be successful, is an important part of what we’re trying to do,” Centellas said.

He says the program is trying to target towards minority- and women-owned businesses as they’re normally not considered.

With hosting it at the Civil Rights Heritage Center, he says it’s a great space that brings equality and justice in the community.

“I think trying to help partner somebody for success is helping them give the confidence they need, and confidence comes from knowledge. Educating our community about what it takes to get to that next step and how they can do it.”

The event starts at noon and ends at 2:30 PM at the Civil Rights Heritage Center. TO RSVP for the event, head over to CDFI's website

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