Notre Dame Men's Basketball falls to Texas Tech in second round of NCAA Tournament

SAN DIEGO -- Notre Dame Men's Basketball will head back to South Bend after losing to Texas Tech in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. 

The No. 11 seed Irish faced the No. 3 seed Red Raiders on Sunday night.

Texas Tech scored early with a layup from Bryson Williams.

Irish senior guard Prentiss Hubb takes the lead with a three point jumper.

They lose that lead to Red Raiders forward Kevin Obanor but Notre Dame freshman guard Blake Wesley would bring the score to 25-26 at the half, Texas Tech.

Going into the second half, Red Raider's Bryson Williams and Terrence Shannon Jr. quickly get a strong lead on Notre Dame.

Irish senior guard Cormac Ryan works together with Wesley and Dane Goodwin to bridge that gap but not by much.

Then Notre Dame's Prentiss Hubb puts it all on the hardwood and brings the Irish back in the lead.

Texas Tech guard Kevin McCullar steals it back with a three pointer.

The Irish are down two with just five minutes left when Wesley assists Goodwin for Notre Dame's own three pointer.

Notre Dame takes the lead, Texas Tech ties it up and then Wesley scores two to bring the Irish ahead again.

Down to the wire both teams trade the lead until the Red Raiders get ahead.

15 seconds on the clock Kevin McCullar dominates with a slam dunk and seals the deal.

Texas Tech beats Notre Dame 59-53.

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