Body shops see uptick in accidents during winter months

NOW: Body shops see uptick in accidents during winter months

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Caliber Collision, located on Fir Road in Mishawaka, see their fair share of accidents. 

“We see a whole mix of them, from minor to heavy," said Ivanka Niksich, a general manager at Caliber Collision. "Luckily our customers walk away safe, and the car did the job that it needs to do: protect the passenger.”

But even if they walk away from an accident, they may still need to repair the damage done to their car. 

At Caliber Collision, they say most Winter accidents occur due to icy or slick roads and poor visibility, but they said there are some things that car owners can overlook when it comes to making sure that they are prepared. 

Niksich recommended to check the car battery, as they can only last a few years, and having a dead battery in the Winter could leave someone stranded in the cold. The colder temperatures can also affect chipped windshields, causing them to expand and turn from a chip into a crack. 

Niksich also wanted to remind car owners to check more obvious things as well.

“Your fluids," she said. "Gas, windshield washer fluid needs to be up. Check your tire pressure. Check your tire treads—make sure you’re working with ample amount of treads and just slow down for the conditions. That’s the most important thing. Even if you have a 4x4 car, it cannot handle ice.”

So far the winter season has been mild, Niksich said that while they have not yet seen many accidents because of ice or snow, they have seen an uptick in accidents in general. 

“This year has seen a lot more drivers on the road, so that might be a contributing factor to, you know, collisions," she added. "And when its crowded and there’s more people, you heighten the possibility of getting into an accident.”

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