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Barnaby’s in South Bend to hold ‘Pizza with Pete’ presidential campaign event

Photo courtesy of City of South Bend and Facebook/ Barnaby\\\'s South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Barnaby’s is set to hold a campaign event for Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign that will involve flying a group of supporters to South Bend for pizza and conversation.

In an August 14 post to its Facebook page, Barnaby’s said that people can “join Mayor Pete at his favorite pizza place in South Bend…Barnaby’s.”

While a specific date has not been publicly shared, participants have until August 21 to enter, according to the campaign’s contest entry page.

Three winners and their guests will be flown to South Bend for a dinner with Buttigieg.

When asked about the event, an employee at Barnaby’s said the restaurant is unsure when the event will take place.

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KevinSchubert 286 days ago
Worked there when I was in High School. My brother managed the place back in the 70's. Wonder who owns it now it was own by a South Bend Attorney and a Former School Teacher back then. They were on Jefferson near the river. They had good Pizza and Sandwiches.
JamesCooper 286 days ago
Have never been there, but we will definitely be going out of our way to do business there now! Go Pete!
K 286 days ago
Love their pizza but since they're sticking their noses into politics I won't be making any future purchases from them!
Nanna666 K 286 days ago
That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! I understand if you don’t agree with him, I don’t either, BUT IT’S A BUSINESS THAT SELLS PIZZA! THEY’RE NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE!! Are you gonna boycott the places Pete buys his groceries or his gasoline too?! It’s a restaurant that stays open by selling food. I guarantee you that ANY restaurant in the area, regardless of political affiliation, is open to selling food to groups of people that want to buy them. Jesus Christ I’m so sick of ignorant people on high horses.
DIANE Nanna666 285 days ago
Speaking of Jesus Christ... I presume you feel the same way th towards Chick-fil-a... right? 🤨
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