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An explosion in a garbage truck rocks Bristol Elementary School

Shock set in at Bristol Elementary School when an explosion rocked he neighborhood.

Investigators say an object exploded in the back of a garbage truck.

 Bristol Elementary School students were startled by the explosion.

“Well I was in my science class and I heard a big boom. Everyone heard it and we kind of started freaking out thinking that something bad was going to happen so the teacher that I had was calling people to se if anyone else heard that and then we heard on the announcements that we were going to have to stay in our classroom” Said Gavin Bennett a student at Bristol Elementary School.

There are no injuries related to the blast.

School administrators say they acted quickly to make sure the students and staff was safe.

“It was just a different sound that we are not familiar with, so of course safety is our first priority, so we came out to see what the problem was and then we proceeded as our crisis team would and locked down the school” said Jill Balcom the Principal at Bristol Elementary School.

ABC57 is monitoring the situation and we will bring you the latest updates as they unfold.

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