Potawatomi Zoo prepared for all kinds of weather

The Potawatomi Zoo is closed for the winter, but there's still plenty of work to be done, especially in the extreme cold.

The animals at the zoo are used to a variety of climates.

Many stayed inside, but some could go out in the frigid conditions.

Josh Sisk, the Director of Animal Programs, says they only bring in animals that can handle the temperature extremes we experience in Indiana - from the heat to the extreme cold.

"We have to be very careful before we even bring an animal in that we're prepared for the extremes. How are we going to manage them in the winter? How are we going to manage them in the summer? When these animals come in, we're already thinking about this, so when something like this hits, we're prepared and ready to go with it," Sisk said.

The zoo will be open this Saturday for one of their winter days.

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