Dr. Fox discusses latest developments surrounding pandemic

NOW: Dr. Fox discusses latest developments surrounding pandemic


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Deputy Health Officer from the St. Joseph County Health Department Dr. Mark Fox joins ABC57 to discuss the latest developments surrounding the pandemic and the rollout of the vaccine.

ABC57’s Brian Conybeare asks Dr. Fox questions surrounding the pandemic to get his expert opinion and advice on issues arising from COVID-19.

Conybeare asks Dr. Fox about his thoughts on the NCAA bringing March Madness games to Indiana; if basketball fans should be allowed in the stands come March; if we are beginning to see the “Post-Christmas” surge locally; if hospitals were as crowded as a month ago; and if giving patients half of a dose is something that is under consideration here in St. Joseph County?

When asked if giving half of a dose of the virus to patients in St. Joseph County is under consideration, Dr. Fox said it has not been a lot of discussion surrounding it.

“The limiting factor here in St. Joseph County has just been the allocation of vaccine doses so we certainly hope with more Moderna vaccine coming on line that we will have more vaccine to distribute,” said Dr. Fox. “There has not been a lot of discussion about either the half dose or single dose approaches that have been advocated in certain setting because what the clinical trial data shows that we have to go on is the two-dose regimen that’s associated with the decrease in the incidents of severe disease...”  

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