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Governor Holcomb gives State of the State Address

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb addressed the Indiana General Assembly to give his 2nd State of the State on Tuesday afternoon.

The governor addressed five key pillars he wishes to focus on in 2018 and highlighted the recent developments that the state of Indiana has seen over the last year.

Holcomb stated "Our greatest challenge is that too many Hoosiers lack the education and skills for the jobs that are here today and being created tomorrow--nearly all of which require a post-secondary education."

As legislators and bystanders watched the speech Holcomb continued on his keynote workforce-related goals in 2018.

Holcomb has four main focuses which he believes will both stimulate the Indiana economy, and job growth:

• Encourage at least 25,000 of 700,000+ Hoosiers to enroll in post-secondary education programs

• Encourage 30,000 of 425,000 Hoosier adults without a high school diploma gain the education and skills necessary for better employment

• Double the number of work-based learning programs such as internships/apprenticeships in the state by 2019

• Help 1,000 incarcerated Hoosiers earn certificates and credentials in order to secure high-demand, high wage jobs upon release

The Governor also called upon his new Education to Career Pathways Cabinet to develop a framework in 2018 that will encourage legislative action and funding decisions in the 2019 budget session.

Aside from workforce Governor Holcomb spoke about accomplishments and steps related to each of the five pillars outlined in his 2018 Next Level Agenda, which is designed to address the key challenges facing Indiana today, while positioning Indiana for long-term economic growth and success.

1.  Cultivate a strong and diverse economy: Pass legislation this session that will clarify Indiana’s tax law for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies to support Indiana’s growing tech industry.

2.  Maintain and build the state’s infrastructure: Open Section 5 of I-69, build capacity to resurface 10,000 lane miles of pavement and repair or replace 1,300 bridges over the next five years, and build a short- and long-term strategy for Indiana’s aging water infrastructure.

3.  Develop a 21st century skilled and ready workforce: Equip every Hoosier to secure a career that interests them, supports a good life and grows our state’s economy. Ensure Indiana employers have the skilled workforce they need to grow and succeed.

4.  Attack the drug epidemic: Increase the number of opioid treatment locations from 18 to 27 so nearly everyone in the state will be less than an hour’s drive to treatment.

5.  Deliver great government service: Conduct a thorough assessment of Indiana’s Department of Child Services and provides two progress reports to the public and state lawmakers during the legislative session.

In December of 2017 the Governor stated he had identified the foundation element for his five pillars as ‘civility’ stating, “Going forward, I’m going to view civility as the very foundation of everything we do.”

Each year, the Governor of Indiana addresses both houses of the state legislature, the Supreme Court Justices, and other state leaders at the beginning of the legislative session in the State of the State Address.

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