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Commission begins recount in St. Joseph County sheriff's race

NOW: Commission begins recount in St. Joseph County sheriff’s race

The recount for the St. Joseph County sheriff's race has officially started.

Candidate Tim Corbett requested a recount after losing to Bill Redman by 16 votes.

On Thursday, the recount commission went over 24 provisional ballots. Of those 19 had been rejected for having tucked or unsealed envelopes and 5 had issues with the signature.

The recount commission and attorneys went over the provisional ballots.

Of those 11 votes went to Corbett, 7 went to Redman, Thompson received 5 and one had no vote.

That brings the total to 9066 votes for Redman and 9054 votes for Corbett - currently a 12-vote margin.

There are 35 uncounted absentee ballots that will be reviewed on Monday.

Then, the decision will be made about recounting all votes including absentee and Election Day votes.

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